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Top 6 - ServiceNow Utah Release

ServiceNow made their latest platform offering 'Utah' generally available on March 22, 2023. This platform release comes with a wide range of features, enhancements and bug fixes across many applications that ServiceNow offers. Our seasoned ServiceNow platform architects got together and pulled out the top 6 features that really stand out from the rest.

Let's go!

1. Theme Builder - No coding experience no problem, theme builder promotes citizen development where users do not need to write code to build themes for their ServiceNow instances.

2. Workspace Builder - Another low-code functionality which promotes citizen development to efficiently manage workspaces for your ServiceNow applications. Follow this link to know more!

3. Populate dependent variable values - While creating variables via the catalog builder, you can now define a "value" dependency relationship between two variables so that the dependent variable gets auto-populated based on the value selected in the first field. Ex. When the "Requested For" variable is filled in, you can automatically populate the "manager" variable without have to write a script.

4. Grouping Favorites - If you are on the next experience UI, you will be able to group your favorites into buckets. This is similar to bookmarks folder on your browser.

5. NOW Mobile - Mobile App builder and Mobile Card builder makes it easier for you to configure the mobile application with a better user experience. You are now also able to scan barcodes and capture e-signatures in the input form fields. Follow this link to know more!

6. License and Cloud Cost Simulator - Simulate the cost of moving your on-premise resource to the cloud environment before performing the migration. Follow this link to know more!

Are you planning to upgrade your ServiceNow instance and are concerned about its impact on your current environment? Talk to one of our certified ServiceNow experts!

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Rinku Pandey
Rinku Pandey
Apr 08, 2023

This was informative. Thank you for putting out here

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